🇯🇵2011 Toyota Prius ✅Clean title Mileage - 135k mi Consumption - 51/48 MPG 🤝Excellent condition of the internal combustion engine, automatic transmission and car suspension. 🏆Advantages of the model: Maximum fuel savings Ideal for delivery and taxi work (average consumption 43 MPG) One of the most reliable internal combustion engines among Japanese cars Average cost of maintenance is $76 (changing engine oil and filter) Average mileage in the USA - 275k mi 💸Market price from other dealers is $8618 🔥Cost $6990. Hurry up to pick it up! 📲For availability and reservations, call: +1 (279) 208-5707 📍 Address: 4555 Auburn blvd, ste "E", Sacramento Troubleshooting is available for every car, call! VIN: JTDKN3DU7B0325658 Cargwin LLC